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3D Stunt Flight Simulator 2016


Get ready to really feel like a flight pilot! This epic flight simulator will feel like a whole new entity due to the fact that is has not 1 type of airplane like all other games. 3D Stunt Flight Simulator 2016 has 4different types of airplanes.- An epic stunt airplane in which you are quick, fast and very agile. - A military airplane for bombing the shit out of the world- A normal airplane for transporting passengers- A flight drone for those recon espionage missions (which are covert so don’t mention it to anyone) 3D Stunt Flight Simulator will take you to the limit of your flying skills. Enjoy 25 different missions in which you can earn respect. You need the respect to fly the other planes. Never has there been a pilot who flew all these different planes. You will be the first in 3D Stunt Flight Simulator 2016!
3D Stunt Flight Simulator 2016 - Game Features: 5 epic airplanes waiting for you to be flown25 missions which vary in difficulty Learn to fly in the gameBecome a well respected pilotPerform stunts you never dared to do in real life!
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